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Skid Steer Design

Committed to the Operator

The Huski 5SDK has been designed around the needs of the operator. One of the main objectives was to design a machine that is spacious and comfortable. The easy-glide motion of the pilot lever enables effortless shifting ensuring smooth operator control.

  • Large left and right assist grips on the arms and pillars greatly improve the ease of getting on and off the machine
  • A larger open cabin than the current model by approximately 90mm vertically and 54mm horizontally, allows for easy entry and exiting of the machine.
  • A large seat enables the operator to sit and exit without hindrance. The seat can slide 150mm with 10 adjustment notches to ensure optimal positioning can be achieved for operators of varying height and size.
  • Colour-coded operating switches are easy to recognise and laid out on the left and right instrument panels. Easy-to-read digital meters on the left instrument panel make it easy to monitor fuel, oil and engine temperature.
  • New steps help prevent work boots covered in mud from slipping when entering and exiting.
  • Design innovations have reduced noise and vibration levels providing for a comfortable machine operation.
  • The instrument panel comprises separate left and right sections, for outstanding upward visibility. The layout of the front and rear pillars is nearly parallel, providing a spacious operator compartment.
  • Excellent Serviceability- the tilt-up cabin, rear grille that opens a full 180 degrees, and engine hood with damper provide excellent access for inspection and maintenance, helping to minimize downtime.
  • The sealed cabin ensures comfortable operation when working in dusty conditions, or in foul weather. A newly designed air conditioner and heater are optionally available for comfort under extremes of hot or cold.

 5SDK Skid Steer view


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